Infertility & Reproductive Health

Struggling to achieve and/or maintain a healthy pregnancy can be a devastating and isolating experience. You are not alone. Infertility affects approximately 1 in 6 Canadian couples. Those struggling with this issue are often faced with complex decisions with long reaching consequences. The physical, emotional, spiritual as well as financial stressors that often accompany this experience can significantly affect one’s life and relationships.

For those individuals and couples who decide to access assisted reproductive technologies (ART), counselling services can be helpful to:

  • Provide support and develop coping skills to help manage the high levels of social, emotional and relationship stress that often accompany this experience
  • Assist you in learning techniques such as meditation and relaxation training to complement your medical treatments
  • Provide treatment for phobias related to medical procedures (e.g. fear of needles) or experiences that may accompany a pregnancy (e.g. fear of vomiting)
  • Facilitate discussions between partners regarding differences in perspectives and emotional investment in pursuing various treatment options
  • Help explore your thoughts and feelings regarding decisions surrounding treatment options and assist you in communicating your needs to your care providers
  • Work through feelings of anger, grief and loss that may accompany infertility, unsuccessful treatments, miscarriage etc..
  • Address and explore the impact of the experience of infertility on your life and in your relationship
  • Assist you in dealing with any pre-existing mental health difficulties that are exacerbated by this experience
  • Help you to gain closure and move forward if you are considering ending treatments and deciding to live child-free or exploring alternative options to create or build your family

For individuals and couples who are successfully able to achieve a pregnancy following ART or naturally after struggling with infertility, counselling can be helpful to:

  • Help manage what can be high levels of stress and anxiety during pregnancy
  • Help you to explore your thoughts and feelings related to screening procedures that you may be offered and decisions that may follow
  • Assist you in planning for adjustments to parenthood and welcoming a new addition to your family
  • Provide support and assistance in coping with miscarriage/recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Provide information on parenting options and resources