Stess & Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety disorders are among the most common of mental health concerns affecting approximately 12% of Canadians annually. While each anxiety disorder has a specific set of criteria for diagnosis, there are commonalities among them. People suffering from anxiety disorders typically engage in behavioral avoidance, excessive worry and experience uncomfortable and distressing physiological signs of anxious arousal.

Anxiety disorders include;

In addition to being a common concern, anxiety disorders are also among the most treatable of mental health conditions. I have worked extensively with clients who suffer from anxiety disorders. I typically will utilize a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach as this form of therapy has been shown by research to be particularly effective in treating anxiety disorders.

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Everyone experiences stress. Negative as well as positive stressors (e.g. getting married, starting a great new job) can impact a person's mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health. If the stress is chronic and/or overwhelming in severity or number, coping resources can become taxed and individuals can start to experience difficulties. Left unaddressed, chronic stress often precedes conditions such as clinical depression and anxiety.

Counselling can be helpful for stress management by helping you to engage in more adaptive coping strategies, altering how you perceive your stress and by helping you to learn concrete strategies to offset the effects of stress (e.g. relaxation training, mindfulness skills).